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——How high is his draft stock? I remember months ago he was at around late teens or early 20’s, now I don’t see him at all.周琦的选秀行情如何?我记得几个月前,他被列在10到20的顺位,现在我就没看到过他了。

——DraftExpress has him at 27 right nowDraftExpress把周琦在第27顺位。

——isn’t he projected in 2nd round?他不是被看好在2轮选中吗?

——Mid second round. Has skill, but too skinny.2轮中段吧,有技术,但是太瘦了。

——Unless he’s one of those guys who just can’t gain muscle, you’d think that being skinny would be a relatively minor knock against him.除非他是那种怎幺也长不起来肌肉的类型,不然太瘦对他的行情来说只能算比较小的影响。

国际球员年龄是『不能说的秘密』,美国网友疯狂讨论周琦到底今年——Yeah, however there are some other problems. He is listed as 20, but people have some doubts over age. Not very athletic, very slow shot release, and finally has some problems with emotion.He apparently has the same face all the time, doesn’t show emotion really at all.210 lbs at 7’2 is insanely skinny though.是的,但是他还有其余的一些问题。他给出的年龄是20岁,但有人对他的年龄存疑。并不是非常有运动能力,出手非常慢,而且情绪上有些问题。他很明显一直都保持着一张脸表情,完全不流露任何情绪。7尺2(218.4公分),才210磅(95公斤)还是瘦得太夸张了些。

——He apparently has the same face all the time, doesn’t show emotion really at all.How is that a bad thing?「他很明显一直都保持着一张脸表情,完全不流露任何情绪。」这也是坏事?

——Just look at Andrea Bargnani你看看Bargnani就知道了。

——He can be nice surprise.It’s crazy this draft will having 2 skilled mobile 7 footers not be drafted in the lottery.This guy and Thon Maker.他可能会是个意外之喜。疯狂的是这届选秀里会有2个技术娴熟有移动能力的7尺大个。

周琦和Thon Maker:国际球员年龄是『不能说的秘密』,美国网友疯狂讨论周琦到底今年


——Yeah… Definitely generous use of the word..是的……用这个词肯定太慷慨了。

——Great rim protector, good all-around skill on both end, very good size and wingspan.Blow average athletic, too skinny, emotion problem.不错的护筐者,出色的攻防两端全面技术。非常好的身材和臂展。低于平均水準的运动能力,太瘦,情绪问题。

——I’ve seen him play. I like him as a Dubs pick我看过他的球,勇士选择他的话我很喜欢的。

——Asian porzingis?亚洲Porzingis?

——Yi jialin 2.0?易建联2.0?

——We’d need a chair and an empty gym in order to find out.我们需要一把椅子和一个空的体育馆来验货。

——Yi jian lian 2.0易建联2.0版。

——not really并不是这样。

——LOL… on his wiki, one says born in 93… and the other says 96.. I’m going with 1993…but my god, he needs to gain like 60 lbs…哈哈哈,在他的wiki上有人说他是1993年生的……还有一个人说是1996年,我选择相信1993年。但是老天啊,他需要得长个60磅体重吧。

国际球员年龄是『不能说的秘密』,美国网友疯狂讨论周琦到底今年——Let him come to the US. He’ll bulk up. The Sixers will take him as Small Forward.76人粉丝:让他来我们国家吧,他会壮起来的。76人会摘下他打小前锋。

——American food, weight room, and some roids would be the best program for him.美国食物,健身房,再加上些激素对他来说会是最好的计划。

——A summer of McDs and pizza should be good吃一夏天麦当劳和披萨就够了……

——7’2 210 lbs, that’s Feed the Children-esque7尺2身高才210磅体重,这跟小孩没差别。

——Yea thats bad. Bebe Nogueria is 7’0 and 220. That’s the skinniest NBA C I know of.是的太糟糕了,Bebe Nogueria身高7尺也有220磅,这是我知道的最瘦的NBA中锋了。

——I can’t find any predraft pictures of Cheikh Samb, but he was 7’0″, 190 lbs when drafted我找不到选秀之前Cheikh Samb的照片了,他身高7尺(213公分),选中的时候才190磅(86.2公斤)。

——Manute Bol is listed as 7’7″, 202 lbs on wikipedia.在维基上Manute Bol显示的身高是7尺7(231公分),202磅(91.6公斤)体重。

国际球员年龄是『不能说的秘密』,美国网友疯狂讨论周琦到底今年——Memphis confirmed. He’ll be 250 by the time regular season rolls around. That Memphis BBQ will fatten him up nicely.曼菲斯确认,周琦等到赛季结束时会长到250磅,曼菲斯的烧烤会很好地让他增肥的。

——Memphis only takes the Euro bigs. So the third Gasol brother whenever you wanna join the NBA.曼菲斯只选欧洲大个子,所以第3个Gasol兄弟,什幺时候想加入NBA就来吧。

——Well he’s come to the right country fot eating and getting fat.周琦要来的国家没错啊,吃和增肥的好地方。

——Kareem is the same height and only weighed 10 pounds moreJabbar当初也是一样的身高,只比周琦重10磅。

——scouts think this dude is actually 25球探认为他实际上25岁了。

——Is this a thing with every foreign guy now?每个外籍球员现在都有这个年龄问题了吗?

——Not for every foreign guy but it is an issue in China given the desire to have players be eligible for U18/U21 competition, and of course looking like they have much more potential than they actually do if they’re a 25 year old being looked at as if they’re 20.并不是所有外籍球员,但对中国来说是个问题,考虑到他们非常想让球员够资格参加U18/U21的比赛,当然如果25岁的长得像20岁,潜力也就更好看些。

——yeah he’s probably actually 23. he joins the ersan ilyasova secret age all-stars with biyombo, ibaka, etc.是的,他可能实际已经23岁了,他可加入Ilyasova、Biyombo、Ibaka等一众人成为「神祕年龄全明星成员」Watch this video, dude looks like he hasnt grown a full pube yet, no way in hell he’s older than 20.看看这个影片,这家伙看着像是毛都没长齐,不可能超过20岁吧